Some people like to do crossword puzzles to hone their problem-solving skills. Me, I like to write software for the same reason.

I mostly work in C# and Windows. But I also play around with Linux (mostly Debian on Raspberry Pis) and Python.

I hope you find some of the content useful or entertaining or both.

Comparing Generic Types

I recently ran into a situation where I needed to compare two types to see if they were the same. What complicated matters is the…

Announcing J4JCommandLine

A Net Core 3.1 library for flexibly parsing command line arguments. For more details refer to the project page.

A Few Python Insights

I run a Raspberry Pi on my home network for three reasons: To have a local DNS (dnsmasq) so I don’t have to remember or…

sudo’ng Pycharm

I recently had occasion to write a simple python (3) script under debian buster with JetBrains’ Pycharm. The script rewrites protected system files so it…

Configuring DbContexts

The interface definitions are pretty simple: The marked lines show the interface that a configurator class needs to implement. It’s just a marker interface (i.e.,…